Employment Opportunities


Housing Trust offers opportunities for employment-based training via traineeships.

Traineeships are offered annually in the fields of business administration and social housing.

To apply for these minimum 12-month (nominal term) traineeships, it is essential that you have completed a minimum of Year 10 with passes in English and Maths.

Recruitment campaigns for traineeships are commenced each year, as required, on a replacement basis. Each year the number and opportunities vary to match operational needs offered across the business units and vocation.

Keep an eye on our job vacancies above for traineeship opportunities which will be advertised as they become available.

Your application will need to include a current resume and school results (if available).

For further information on opportunities to work with Housing Trust, please email recruitment@housingtrust.org.au



Housing Trust participates in Community Housing Industry Association (NSW) Cadetship Program. The program provides an opportunity for cadets to commence studying the CHC42221 Certificate IV in Housing and undertake paid employment for 12-months in application/allocation, tenancy and asset development with Housing Trust.

Determine Your Eligibility

The Cadetship Program is open to residents of NSW who are:

• Social housing tenants and clients aged 25+

• Unemployed and aged 21 + years

• Fully vaccinated against COVID to participate in training and work

Applications for Round 4 are now open for 2024 start. 

Applications for Round 4 close COB 5pm Friday 3 November 2023.

Apply here – https://communityhousing.org.au/cadetship/ 

Tips and Techniques

The whole job application process, from writing your resume to preparing for the interview, can be a daunting task, so we have prepared some useful tips and techniques to give you a little bit of guidance on how to prepare for each stage.

Writing your resume


What to include

Addressing selection criteria

The following information is a guide specifically for people applying for an advertised position with The Housing Trust, as each organisation can differ in what they expect in the selection criteria.

What are selection criteria and why are they used?

The Housing Trust uses selection criteria to determine what qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities that applicants have for each position.

You must meet the essential criteria to be considered for a position because without having the relevant qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities you would not be able to do the job. If you do not address or meet the essential criteria you will not be short-listed for interview.

The selection criteria will also form the basis for your interview questions.

The steps in addressing selection criteria

Preparing for an interview


Being well-prepared will help you feel more confident and relaxed in an interview. Your preparation should encompass not only familiarising yourself with the position, but also how you will relate your skills, experience and achievements to the requirements of the job and the needs of The Housing Trust.

At the Interview

This may be the only opportunity the selection committee has to determine whether you are the most suitable candidate for the position, so ensure you use the time efficiently.

Competency/behavioural questions

Many interviewers ask competency or behavioural questions, based on the principle that past behaviour predicts future actions. Use real examples in your responses – explain what you did, not what you would have done. It is acceptable to use an example in which the outcome was not positive if you can demonstrate how you learned from it. Again you can use the STAR approach above.

Please contact human resources (link to form that connects to recruitment@housingtrust.org.au) with any questions about your interview.

Need help?

If you have any questions, get in touch with the Housing Trust team today.

We’re available at 02 4254 1166 or info@housingtrust.org.au