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Meet Gwladys

What attracted you to work at HT?

I was attracted to the mission of everyone deserving a home, to live a healthy and fulfilling life. In the precarious and overwhelming housing landscape right now, I was attracted to the message that HT is here to help to change people’s lives.

How did you find your first day?

I found my first day to be fun and interesting, learning about the work that HT does within the Illawarra community.

Have you felt supported?

I have felt supported from the first day. Everyone is so welcoming and ready to help.

Tell us a little about your previous work experience?

I have had a number of jobs including working for Hayworth’s Guitars and The University of Wollongong (UOW). At UOW,  I worked for the Faces of UOW Blog, to better understand the student base whilst I was there from 2015 until 2017. I have mostly studied a little bit of everything: marketing, English literature/philosophy and library and information studies.

What is one of your best days?

Some of my best days so far have been the Sydney CHIA training and just generally every day, coming to work ready to do some work and getting to know everyone.

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