Why Work with Us?

At Housing Trust our people work together to foster an organisational culture of continuous improvement, learning, reflection and staff support. We exist to make a difference in the lives of those we serve and of course to each other.

We bring our values to life in our every day actions – the way we work and our behaviours.


We work together as a team. We are committed to building an encouraging and supportive environment where we can flourish.


We deliver success through shared goals and mutual support. We rely on each other to be solutions focussed. We embrace learning to innovate; iterate and improve.


We do what we say we will do and we are accountable for our work and our actions.


We embrace diversity, we are considerate of others and we listen to understand other perspectives and ideas.

We offer the following benefits to employees:

Housing Trust understands that a work life balance is important. There is some capacity to offer part time or flexible working arrangements.

There are occasions when you may need to change your working day to accommodate a family commitment.  We offer flexibility in hours to be able to attend things like parent/teacher interviews and other appointments.

There are many types of supports in place to ensure growth and development of our employees.  These include professional guidance through regular and structured 1:1s, performance outcomes framework (not the old-fashioned appraisals), learning & growth plans, clinical supervision and group supervision.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we offer generous salary packaging opportunities to our permanent and contract staff, providing significant tax savings including, tax free salary packaging up to $15900.00 plus $2,650 for meals, entertainment and holiday accommodation benefits.

Salary packaging can be used for:

  • General living expenses (rent, mortgage, credit card repayments etc.
  • Meal and entertainment
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Novated leasing (salary packaging a car)
  • Access to long service leave after 10 years of continuous service
  • Up to 10 days pa paid personal/carer’s leave for full time and pro-rata for part time employees
  • Annual leave and the ability to cash out
  • Up to 10 days paid family & domestic violence leave
  • Up to 10 days pa unpaid ceremonial leave
  • Compassionate leave
  • Community services leave
  • Paid Parental Leave – up to 12 weeks parental leave at full pay in addition to any Federal Government funded schemes
  • Study Leave

Housing Trust, understanding that travelling is one of the biggest risks, provides Employee Journey Insurance for all employees.

Employee Journey insurance provides coverage to an employee who may be injured as a result of an accident on the normal journey to work, or on the return journey home. Coverage may also apply to an injury whilst travelling during lunch breaks and other schedule breaks.

This insurance covers:

  • Income support
  • Fixed payments for specific injuries
  • Death Benefit

The health & wellness of our employees is important to us and we understand that a healthy work life balance supports a great workforce.

We have a number of programs in place to support you which include –

  • Health, Wellness & Safety Committee
  • Employee Assistance Program – we partner with an external provider to provide free access for you or your immediate family members to provide additional support for work or personal issues.
  • Wellness Programs – our wellness committee is responsible for coordinating and endorsing the development of a health and wellbeing program.  Some of the activities to date are –
    • Fitness programs
    • Flu vaccinations
    • Celebrating and recognising significant days throughout out the year
    • Social functions including our annual fundraising event
    • Christmas Party

Get access to exclusive deals, shopping discounts and free access to apps for fitness, mediation and learning.

We love to recognise our people for their commitment and contribution to working at HT. We call out good behaviours when we see them and we work as a team.  We have a peer-to-peer recognition program so that we can nominate our work mates for doing a great job, or for just giving us a hand.

We acknowledge and celebrate Years of Service for employees who have worked 5, 10, 15, 20 years with a presentation and a small gift.

HT employs staff from all walks of life and offers a range of challenging and rewarding employment opportunities.  We also work with a diverse customer range who come from many different nationalities.   We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with a disability and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

HT recognises the service and contribution of long-term employees. We celebrate the Recognition of Years of service for 4, 10, 15, 20 years’ service.

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