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Meet Wendy

What attracted you to work at HT?

I enjoy working in the NFP sector. I read the position description for the role and felt it aligned with my values, skills and experience. I also liked that the role had a strong focus on supporting the workforce through a learning & development strategy and work, health & safety. I had also previously worked with Miranda so I jumped at the opportunity to be able to work with her again!

How did you find your first day?

I started through covid when everyone was working from home. I attended the all staff zoom meeting and got to meet everyone. I had my induction pack, IT equipment and resources on my desk ready to go when I arrived which was lovely and I felt very welcomed.

Have you felt supported?

I have been at HT for 6 months now and I have been so supported by everyone. I work in a great team and they have all been so helpful. I have a clear understanding of my role and expectations through my Spot On and my catch ups with Miranda. I have had a good induction process.

Tell us a little about your previous work experience?

I have worked in both government and NFP’s in HR for many years. I moved into a HR Manager role about 3 years ago. I have also owned my own business, Little Stompers Indoor Play & Party Centre for 5 five years. This was far more challenging and exhausting then I ever could of imagined. I think if you can run a small business you can do anything!

What is one of your best days?
On a professional level I would say everyday as I am loving my role and on a personal level, marrying my partner Nathan in November 2020.

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