Complaints & Appeals

At Housing Trust we aim to provide a high-quality customer service which is up there with the best in Australia.
And to help us to do this we love to get feedback.

We have created a specific feedback form which can be found on our enquiry page.
You can use this form for multiple purposes including:


We welcome complaints from tenants because it helps us identify improvements to our service to you and other tenants.

A complaint may be lodged verbally to a staff member, by email, by letter, by telephone, in person at the Housing Trust office or by completing Housing Trust’s Complaint Form. The Complaint Form is also available by contacting our office.

Tenants can make a complaint about a Community Housing Provider (CHP) registered under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH). Housing Trust are registered under the NRSCH.

If you have a complaint, in the first instance you should raise your concerns directly with us. Generally complaints will be addressed by Housing Trust without the involvement of the relevant Housing Register. It is important when making a complaint to keep written evidence of your concerns and any ongoing developments, in case the matter is not resolved.

For further information on how the NRSCH handles complaints please refer to the extract below from the NRSCH website.

Additional information and contacts

Additional information on the NRSCH can be found at:

For additional information on how different types of complaints might be dealt with, as well as a broad overview of the role of various regulatory and review bodies’ roles and functions, refer to the following fact sheets:

To contact your local Housing Registrar’s office, please see below:

New South Wales
Registrar of Community Housing
Locked Bag 4001
Phone: 1800 330 940
Fax: (02) 8741 2522

Housing Registrars offices may also be contacted using the on-line form located at:

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) may also be a way for you to seek to resolve any disputes. This is the place where landlords and tenants settle disputes on issues such as bond issues and non-performance of repairs. For further information go to or call 1300 006 228.

Please refer to the Housing Trust Complaints Policy for more information.

We value your feedback on how we have handled complaints and communicated the outcomes to you.


An appeal can be made if you feel we have not followed our own policies. For example, you can appeal our decisions about eligibility for community housing, transfers, offers of housing or rental rebates. If you are not sure whether you can appeal a particular decision, just contact us and we can provide you with that information.

Want to know how to make an appeal?

  • We are happy to review our decision internally. This is called a ‘First Tier Appeal – Decision Review’. You can contact us and we will help you document the reasons why you would like to make an appeal. This will then be considered by one of our Senior Managers and we will respond to you within 28 days.
  • If you are dissatisfied with our internal review, we can help you with information on how to appeal to the Housing Appeals Committee. This is an independent second level appeal process.  The Housing Appeals Committee can be also be contacted directly on freecall 1800 629 794.
  • Further information on appeals generally and the Housing Appeals Committee is available at

Please refer to the Housing Trust Appeals Policy for more information and click here for the Appeals Form. 

Assistance lodging an appeal or complaint

The NSW Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy service is available to assist you with information on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. For more information, please visit:

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