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Washing Machine Replacement Trial

Housing Trust tenants who live in social housing could be eligible for The NSW Government’s Washing Machine Replacement Trial.

The trial helps eligible social housing tenants to replace their inefficient top-loading washing machine with a new, front-loading washing machine at a heavily discounted price. This will help households save around $245 a year off their water, energy and detergent bills.

Before applying online you must check your eligibility here https://water.dpie.nsw.gov.au/plans-and-programs/water-efficiency/washing-machine-replacement-trial

Apply here https://washingmachines.water.dpe.nsw.gov.au/

* Note the application takes 5-10 minutes and you will need to have your valid concession card or ID with you.

Once your application has been approved you can browse available appliance models https://washingmachines.water.dpe.nsw.gov.au/appliances

Follow the online steps to complete your order

For further information you can visit Washing Machine Replacement Trial Fact Sheet or Frequently Asked Questions

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