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Using Art to help others

Carol, a Tylah West Education Scholarship recipient is doing a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy at the University of Western Sydney.

Carol has had a lifelong passion for the arts. She hopes when she graduates she can help people to recover their
psychological wellbeing through creative methods of expression. Carol has a particular interest in working in
Indigenous communities.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Carol now loves living in Australia with her young daughter. They have lived in the Illawarra for five years, and she says: ‘Sometimes I miss the culture of Brazil, the colour, the music, the dancing, but then I look around at the amazing environment here. So much beauty, it sometimes takes my breath away’.

Carol’s favourite pastime when not painting is discovering the beauty of nature in new and exciting places. Carol draws inspiration from bushland and other uniquely Australian landscapes. She does this through bushwalking and camping. Carol says ’I have a strong need to always be creative, it grounds me and brings me peace’.

Housing Trust wishes Carol all the very best in her endeavours.

Photo credit: Lisa Grant Photography

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