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Tylah West Scholarship 2023

Tylah West was a young Indigenous trainee at Housing Trust. Tylah sadly passed away in June 2015. She was an inspiring young woman that excelled at her job, took every opportunity to create a brighter future and her growth and transformation was acknowledge by all that worked with her. This scholarship represents Tylah’s strength, her development and growth while working at the Housing Trust and has the support of Tylah’s family.

The Tylah West Education Scholarship objective is to maximise the participation of our tenants in education, training and employment, and help to break down barriers.

All successful recipients will be required to attend a presentation in 2023 to receive their award. 

If you have any questions please call Joanne or Natalie on 4254 1166 in business hours or email twes@housingtrust.org.au

Please refer to 2023 Guidelines

Applications close 4th November 2022. 

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