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Together Home Program gets underway

As Australia supports Homelessness Week, Housing Trust is pleased to announce Wollongong Family Emergency Housing and NEAMI National as its wraparound case management partners for the Together Home Program.

Housing Trust will provide 22 homes as part of the project and CEO Michele Adair said the project was an important step forward in dealing with homelessness in the region.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and programs such as SBS ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’ have helped increase awareness and understanding of homelessness, including the fact that one small change in life like the loss of a job, marriage breakdown or unexpected illness can impact anyone’s situation,” she said.

“Stable and secure housing is the first step to tackling this issue and by delivering support services as part of the package we are giving people the best chance to face the future with confidence.

“Both NEAMI National and Wollongong Emergency Family Housing have strong local connections to the community and other support providers, and have the ability to provide the level of support needed. We look forward to working closely with them to make Together Home a success.”

While Housing Trust has already secured some properties for the Together Home program, more are needed.

To provide appropriate homes for those in need, Housing Trust is looking for privately owned one or two bedroom units and townhouses in small complexes throughout the region. The properties do not need to be new, as long as they are in good condition and safe.

Craig Parker, who has leased a property to Housing Trust for more than a decade, says the process is easy and works well for everyone involved.

“Housing Trust has a number of advantages over renting through an agency including guaranteed rent, no commission payable and if the tenant damages the property, they will organise for it to be fixed at their cost,” he said.

“The majority of tenants are good and treat the property well. You do get the odd one who struggles a little but Housing Trust is constantly doing inspections and helping the tenants out when needed.”

Landlord Geraldine McAleenan says her experience with Housing Trust has been favourable.

“It’s also been a pleasure to know that I have been able to give a long term home to somebody who needs it and may not otherwise have had the opportunity to rent a modern and safe property for herself and her young child.”

Together Home was announced by the NSW Government in June and provides stable accommodation for people in need.

The program aims to transition people sleeping rough during the Covid-19 pandemic into secure housing while also providing access to health, mental health and wellbeing services. The program also focuses on helping these tenants rebuild family, community and cultural connections.

Housing Trust currently manages approximately 1,200 properties across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven providing homes to around 2,500 residents.

For further information on being part of the Together Home Program, interested landlords and agents can contact Housing Trust, on 4254 1166 or leasehold@housingtrust.org.au.

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