Making Payments

Paying your rent on time is one of the most important things for your tenancy.

You must pay your rent two weeks in advance. You will also be responsible for paying water usage, gas and electricity bills as well as other household costs. See below for more details.


Rent Payment Options

We provide a range of options to make it easy for you to pay your rent, including:

Rent Reviews

Your rent will be reviewed twice a year and if your household income changes.

If your household income changes, you must tell your Community Housing Worker straight away.

Making changes to your household can also affect your rent. If you are thinking about asking someone to move in with you or if someone is leaving the household then you will need to speak to your Community Housing Worker to find out how that might affect your rent or tenancy.

Other Payments


You will be charged for the water you use every three (3) months. The full amount must be paid within 21 days.

Please read our Water Charges policy.

Electricity & Gas

You are responsible for the cost of connection and use of electricity and gas.

You may choose to pay with MyConnect.

Household contents insurance

You are responsible for insuring your own possessions against fire, theft or other damage.

Repairs and Maintenance

Housing Trust is responsible for maintaining your home including the completion of repairs and maintenance.

You are responsible for the cost of repairing damage to your property that you or a guest to your property has caused or damage that has resulted from not properly maintaining your property.

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