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Meet Rachel

What attracted you to work at HT?

During school holidays I volunteer with Bluegum Bushcraft, mentoring kids in bush skills using Coyote Mentoring. Over the years I’ve grown to know so many wonderful families in my community and one of the Bluegum parents has worked for the Housing Trust for many years.

Last camp I was talking with this parent and they encouraged me to apply for a position with Housing Trust.

The Housing Trust plays a supportive role in the lives of some people close to me which provided me with an understanding of how the Housing Trust team cares for their clients. I hoped I could use my skills and comprehensive knowledge of the Real Estate Act to advocate for people in need of safe housing, rather than contributing to the increasing homelessness, working as a property manager in real estate.

How did you find your first day?

On my first day at Housing Trust I was nervous walking into the building. However the team were so welcoming and I was lucky enough to enjoy a coffee and catch up with the CEO, Michelle. I found Michelle’s energy and passion contagious and my nerves quickly transformed to excitement.

Have you felt supported?

So far my experience has been very supportive. I’m looking forward to being able to support back as I increase my understanding of our processes and procedures.

Tell us a little about your previous work experience?

I started a career in property management in the early 2000’s, managing properties around inner Melbourne. I took a few years out of the industry whilst living in Tassie and focusing on raising my three children and renovating an old home.

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