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Meet Mia

What attracted you to work at HT?

Housing Trust’s vision of a decent home for everyone. I believe that everyone has the right to a safe and secure home where they can establish a community and build the foundations for their future.

How did you find your first day?

Housing Trust has an energy that seems to hum. You can feel the commitment from the team and their genuine desire to find tenants their forever home. From the moment I walked into the office I knew that I had found an organisation that truly cares and that they were committed to making a better tomorrow for those struggling to find affordable housing. HT is made up of some of the most passionate team members I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Tell us a little about your previous work experience?

I have worked in NFP for my entire career. I am passionate about contributing to a world where everyone has the capacity to live and achieve the best of what life has to offer. I believe that as a community we have the responsibility to lift up those struggling around us and foster an inclusive environment where we all can thrive.

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We’re available at 02 4254 1166 or info@housingtrust.org.au