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How a little help can go a long way

Jungrae Hong received the Tylah West Education Scholarship in 2020 & 2021. It helped to pay for Jungae’s translation course and exams.

Korean born, Jungrae is a full time carer for her husband whom is very ill. This placed restrictions on her ability to earn an income. However, Jungrae had self-determination and was proactive in finding ways that she could support herself and her family at the same time as looking after her husband.

Jungrae is now working as a Korean-English translator and is very optimistic about her future. ‘I am still able to care for my husband, but also improve our financial position and make for a brighter future. Housing Trust has done more than just help me with my education and career goals. Though providing our home, they have given us a solid base to improve our lives. The work they do is wonderful.’

Housing Trust would like to again thank our sponsors that through the Golf Day Fundraiser, gave so generously, enabling the 2022 Tylah West Education Scholarship to be able to continue to offer these opportunities.

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