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Change of Circumstances

Did you know that you could be entitled to a grace period if there is an increase in your household income?

If there is an increase in your household income and you notify, and provide all required documentation, to Housing Trust within 21 days of the change you may be entitled to a 21 or 28 days grace period.  This means that your rent increase will not take effect until 21 or 28 days after the change occurred. 

What if I don’t notify?

If you fail to notify Housing Trust your rent increase will be backdated to the date the change occurred and you will not be entitled to any of the grace periods. 

Who is responsible for notifying Housing Trust

It is the responsibility of the tenant to notify Housing Trust of any changes.

I have notified Centrelink, will they let you know of the change?

Notifying Centrelink of an increase does not automatically notify Housing Trust.  You must notify Housing Trust yourself.

For further information please refer to our Fact Sheets or reach out to your Community Housing Worker on 4254 1166.

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