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The Housing Trust supports Anglicare’s findings on Housing Affordability in the Illawarra

Illawarra’s largest community housing provider, The Housing Trust, has come out in support of findings released from Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot 2015 for the Greater Sydney and the Illawarra regions.

The snapshot, which was released today, reflects the decline in rental affordability for low income households in the Illawarra.

Findings from the snapshot indicate that just one per cent of rental properties advertised in the Illawarra on 1 April 2015 were affordable for individuals on income support payments – compared to four per cent in 2014.

The Housing Trust CEO Joan Ferguson says that the rental prices in the Illawarra are rising faster than the state average and this is evident in the difficulties faced by our customers.

“We are dedicated to providing more social housing within the Illawarra, and only last week we had the privilege of housing 120 people in our newly completed National Rental Affordable Scheme (NRAS) development – Central Gardens in Shellharbour.”

In response to the snapshot, the Housing Trust supports NSW Federation of Housing Associations outline of how the housing affordability crisis in the region can be addressed:

  • fast tracking the transfer of ageing public housing to the community housing sector, which will allow providers to use the assets as security to borrow money to help replace poor housing and build more new social and affordable homes;
  • planning reforms that create incentives for investment in affordable housing;
  • a 30% affordable housing target for all new developments; and
  • mandated affordable housing on government owned land.

“The Housing Trust will continue to strive to assist to decrease homelessness in the Illawarra and to work with the government and community to reach the best outcome,” Ms Ferguson said

To find out more about Housing Affordability in the Illawarra or to read Anglicare Rental Affordability Snapshot 2015 – please visit the link below


Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot 2015

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