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Maintenance Advisory Group

How about joining the Maintenance Advisory Group (MAG)?


Housing Trust knows that one of the things tenants want us to do well is to maintain their home. Every time we ask tenants, it’s one of the things they care about most.

In the last tenant survey 88% of tenants said that they were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the repairs service that Housing Trust provides but we would like to do better. We talked to the Tenant Advisory Group and they agreed that we should set up a group of tenants to advise us about how to improve the repairs service.

Once we have the MAG Group established the members of the group will decide how they will work with us to improve services to tenants and households. For example, the group may want to

  • be involved in choosing paint colours for the homes we offer to our tenants
  • help decide which tradesman we use and agreed with us on how we measure the performance of these tradesman

It is important to know that the MAG Group is not an avenue to get your own repairs done. Instead it is an important way for the members of the group to improve the services we delivery to all Housing Trust tenants and households.

We would like a group of up to ten people to sit on the MAG. You might be, or used to be, a tradie or a builder, you might have worked in a hardware shop or you might just be interested in helping us improve our maintenance service. Anyone over the age of 18 and who lives in one of our homes is welcome to put their name forward.

The group will decide how often they wants to meet but probably no more than four times a year.

If you are interested in being considered please email info@housingtrust.org.au or ring us on 4254 1166.


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