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Housing Trust Tylah West Education Scholarship 2022

Housing Trust recently celebrated six years of the tenant scholarship program, the Tylah West Education Scholarships. Named in honour of Tylah, a young Aboriginal trainee at Housing Trust, the aim is to assist tenants to pursue opportunities in education, training or employment.

To date over 92 tenants have been assisted with almost $100,000 in funding. Starting with 3 recipients in its first year the program has grown to support 32 recipients in 2022. The type of assistance is as diverse as its recipients, ranging from helping apprentices with tools and uniforms, paying trainee fees to purchasing laptops and textbooks and even paying childcare fees so parents can attend training in readiness to re-enter the workforce.

The scholarships have grown with the support of a number of Housing Trust stakeholders. They include Bank of Australia and suppliers such as local contractors, banks, professional services and other community organisations. Housing Trust hosted its first major fundraiser in 2021, a very successful and popular golf day which boosted funds significantly allowing many more recipients to benefit from the scholarships.

CEO Michele Adair said there were plans to grow the scholarship in 2023. “We know education is supposedly free in Australia, but the reality is, it’s not. Without help we know many people simply cannot afford to study, or even buy the appropriate clothes and tools to get a job or finish their education. This scholarship has made it possible for many tenants to enter the workforce who otherwise may not have had the opportunity”.

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