40th Anniversary Exhibition

TRUST: Stories of Housing Trust photographic exhibition celebrates the people who have lived experience of social housing or homelessness.

For Housing Trust’s 40th Anniversary, artist Tim Bauer, one of Australia’s leading portrait photographers with (coincidentally) a career spanning forty years spent time capturing the people whose lives have been touched by Housing Trust.

Please click on our portraits below to read each person’s story.

Here’s some quotes from the visitor book at the gallery during our exhibition.

“Thank you so much for the brilliant concept and implementation to enable those (who mightn’t been able to) the opportunity to have a home”.

“Amazing photography”

“So beautiful, striking, emotive portraits”.

“Inspiring and dignified”

“Absolutely stunning work, majestic photography”.

“Amazing stories captured in such a beautiful way!”

“So honoured to be part of something so incredible”

“One of the best shows I have seen”.

“Simply stunning portraits. It was powerful and insightful to be able to read everyone’s story. So well done to all who participated in making this exhibition a reality. A wonderful tool in destigmatizing Social Housing”.

“Thoroughly absorbing, touching mind and soul”.

“Thank you for bringing these stories to light, so inspiring are these beautiful people and photographs. I really enjoyed this experience you have provided”.

“Such an amazing collision of humanity and art. This is conscious raising for anyone. Congratulations to Tim and all the organisers”.

“The details in the photos are amazing, the stories are captivating as the stories are from hardships and surviving the struggles of the rent crisis now in 2023”.

“What a grounding and amazing experience understanding the different adversities that have made these people strong. The textures and details in the portraits are something else. Thanks to all involved making this experience available”.

“Stunning pics & people depicting that home is truly where the heart is”.